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The mission of Crime Survivors is to provide hope and healing to victims and survivors of crime through advocacy and the support of resources, information, and empowerment. All victims of crime have the right and responsibility to survive.

5 ways Crime Survivors can help you

Finding an Advocate

Find Support, California Law and Victims’ Rights

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Healing and Recovery

Helping the Emotionally Injured After Tragedy Strikes, Find Support, Care for Injuries

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Learning About Victims Rights

Dealing with the Media - Your Rights, You Have Rights, California Law and Victims’ Rights

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Obtaining Crisis Support

Safety & Self Defense, Call the Police/Get Help, Find Support

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Paying for Crime Related Expenses

Victim Compensation Program

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What's in each section?

Curious about what each category contains? Get a quick glance at the different resources available by accessing the dropdown menu here.

Want county-specific information?

We offer a wide range of support resources for survivors in seven different counties. Find your county here.